What is CheeL

CheeL  is the new application allowing to talk FREE OF CHARGE with everybody, in any Country you are and independently from the operator used. Download CheeL from App Store or Google Play and talk free of charge and with HD (High Definition) with everybody and as long as you like.

Smartphone CheeL

You can make all your calls either with a Wi-Fi or a mobile data (3G or 4G/LTE) connection. Download the application and you will discover a new way of communicating.

Talk FREE OF CHARGE, Talk with Everybody, Talk whit Chell.

* When using CheeL to make calls, you will exploit your operator’s data network. Make sure to have an active data service and to check the related costs, or use a Wi-Fi network.

Important: It is not possible to call 112, 113 and other emergency numbers with CheeL. To make emergency calls it is necessary to use other methods of communication.

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